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Dark Minds: The Jefferson Davis Parish Murders (Episode 1x06)

It is believed that the Jefferson Davis Parish Murderer is responsible for the murders of nine people. The murder series is thought to have begun in 2005 and may still be continuing today. All of the known victims were females between the ages of 17 and 30.

The victims were all thought to have high-risk lifestyles, due to their involvement in drugs and prostitution. Many serial killers choose to murder women who have this lifestyle because they believe that no one will miss them, causing their disappearances to be unreported or unnoticed. The women were different races, which is rare for a serial killer. Most serial killers will have physical preferences for their victims, but the Jefferson Davis Parish Murderer does not.

In the beginning of the murder series the serial killer would dispose of the bodies in canals, but that changed over time. The last reported victims were found on the sides of rural roads. It is believed by some that because of the increased media attention the serial killer wishes to dispose of the bodies faster and so no longer takes the time to take the bodies to canals.

The police have not released a lot of information regarding the causes of death or if the women were raped prior to their murders. The police have also not released any information regarding suspects in this case.

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Victims of the Jefferson Davis Parish Murderer

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It is believed that the Jefferson Davis Parish Murderer has murdered nine victims. We currently have information on all of the suspected victims. Loretta Lewis Loretta, age 28, was found murdered on May 20, 2005. Ernestine Daniels Patterson Ernestine, age 30, was found in June of 2005. Kristin Gary Lopez…

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