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Jeffrey Dahmer | The Serial Killers Podcast

Jeffrey Dahmer

Demographic Info

The Milwaukee Cannibal, The Milwaukee Monster16-17MaleCaucasianUSAStationarySexual, Sadistic1960/05/21 (West Allis, Wisconsin, USA)1994/11/28 (Portage, Wisconsin, USA; Severe head trauma)


Father's Story, ALionel DahmerAmazon
Jeffery Dahmer: A Bizarre Journey into the Mind of America's Most Tormented Serial KillerJoel NorrisAmazon
Jeffrey Dahmer Story, The: An American NightmareDonald A. DavisAmazon
Jeffrey Dahmer's Dirty Secret: The Unsolved Murder of Adam WalshArthur Jay HarrisAmazon, Kindle eBook
Man Who Could Not Kill Enough, The: The Secret Murders of Milwaukee's Jeffrey DahmerAnne E. SchwartzAmazon
Massacre in MilwaukeeRichard W. Jaeger and M. William BalousekAmazon
My Friend Dahmer (Graphic Novel)Derf BackderfAmazon
Serial Killer's Soul, The: Jeffrey Dahmer's Cell Block Confidante Reveals AllHerman Martin and Patricia LorenzAmazon, Kindle eBook
Shrine of Jeffrey Dahmer, TheBrian MastersAmazon
Step into My Parlor: The Chilling Story of Serial Killer Jeffrey DahmerEdward BaumannAmazon


Biography: Jeffrey Dahmer: The Monster WithinAmazon (DVD)
DahmerAmazon (DVD)
Most Evil: Deadly Desires (Episode 1x06)
Most Evil: Vampires/Cannibals (Episode 3x04)
Serial Killers, Profiling the Criminal Mind, Vol. 02: Jeffrey DahmerAmazon (VHS)
Trial of Jeffrey Dahmer, The: Serial KillerAmazon (DVD)
Twisted: Jeffrey Dahmer (Episode 1x01)

Jeffrey Dahmer was born on May 21, 1960 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He was the first born child of two in his family. It is believed that Dahmer acted strangely throughout his childhood. Many of his childhood friends claimed that Dahmer had a fascination with the inner workings of animals. He would collect roadkill and strip the flesh off with acid. Unlike many serial killers, Dahmer was not known to kill or torture animals, but instead collected them after death.

At the age of 13 Dahmer began to drink alcohol and fantasize about having sexual relations with corpses. Before the age of 18 Dahmer was putting animal heads on stakes and drinking heavily. Both before and throughout his murder series Dahmer was charged for resisting arrest, having an open container, lewd behavior and disorderly conduct. The older Dahmer was, the worse his offences became.

According to records, Dahmer began his murder series in 1978, at the age of 18. All of his known victims were between the ages of 14 and 31. Most victims were African-American males, though some were Caucasian. Dahmer would usually drug or strangle his victims to death in his own apartment or his grandmother’s house. Nearly all of his victims were drugged before their murders. On some occasions, Dahmer was known to have drilled holes into his victims heads and poured acid into the holes. It is thought that this was to make his victims into living zombies. Most of his victims died during this process, but some managed to survive for days. Most of the victims were forced to have sex with Dahmer and after the murder Dahmer would continue to have sex with the bodies. Dahmer would often take pictures of the victims as he dismembered them or the decomposed. He was also known to keep some pieces of flesh from his victims to eat later. Many skulls, hands, feet were kept as totems. Dahmer admitted that he would often paint the skulls grey, so that they looked fake. He would often gather them all and masturbate in front of them.

On July 22, 1991 Dahmer was arrested when a victim, Tracy Edwards, escaped from his apartment. After police entered Dahmer’s apartment they found pictures of dismembered bodies on his bed and later found decomposing heads in the fridge. Orginally Dahmer was charged for murdering 17 people, but this was later reduced to 15 murders. On February, 15, 1992 Dahmer was found guilty of all 15 counts of murder and is sentenced to 941 years in prison. While Dahmer was serving time in prison he was murdered by Christopher Scarver on November 28, 1994.

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