Jesse Pomeroy

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2MaleCaucasianUSATerritorialSadistic1859/11/29 (Charlestown, Massachusetts, USA)1932/09/29 (Natural causes)


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Jesse Pomeroy was born on November 29, 1859 and was the youngest child in his family. He was born in Charlestown, Massachusetts.

Pomeroy began to act violent from a young age. According to records, as a child Pomeroy was stripped and hit with a horse whip as a punishment for any wrongdoing. He began to torture animals, including the neighbor’s cat. This escalated to the torture of children around his neighborhood.

By the time Pomeroy was 14, he had committed two murders, and had tortured eight different people. All of the people who were tortured or murdered were under the age of 10. He began his serial series at the age of 13 and preferred to murder young girls and boys. His weapon of choice a knife, which he brought with him.

On December 11, 1884 Pomeroy, age 14, was found guilty of first degree murder and was sentenced to solitary confinement for 40 years. Pomeroy died in prison on September 29, 1932.

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Victims of Jesse Pomeroy

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Jesse Pomeroy was charged with the murder of two people. We currently have the information on all of his victims. Katie Curran 10 year old Katie was murdered on March 18, 1874. Horace Millen  Horace, age 4, was murdered on April 22, 1884.

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