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The Louisiana Black Widow1; Likely anotherFemaleCaucasianUSANomadicCriminal Enterprise1943 or 1944n/a


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Deadly Women: Fortune Hunters (Episode 4x3)

Jill Coit lied consistently about the date of her birth, but it is approximated that she was born on June 1943 or 1944. She was the first child of two in her family.

At the age of 19, Coit married her first husband Larry Ihnen and would go on to marry eleven times and divorce eight times. She was not known to have tortured any animals or be involved in any alcohol/ drug abuse. Coit’s only weapon of choice was a pistol.

Coit is also known as the Louisiana Black Widow. She was formally charged with the murder of one of her husbands and thought to be the murderer of a previous husband, William Clark Coit.

On December 23, 1993, Coit was arrested for the murder of her husband Gerald Boggs. She was convicted for first degree murder and sentenced to a life in prison with a one million dollar fine. She is currently the Colorado Women’s Facility in Canon City, Colorado.

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Victims of Jill Coit

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Jill Coit has been formally charged with the murder of one person, but is suspected of murdering another as well. We currently have information on both of them. William Clark Coit William was murdered on March 28, 1972 in Houston. Coit was suspected of this murder, but never charged. Gerald…

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