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Jill Lonita Billiot Was born on June 11, 1943 or 1944 in Louisiana. She often lied about her age, so the exact year of her birth is unknown. She was the oldest child in her family.

From a young age, Billiot was known to be promiscuous. She dropped out of high school in the pursuit of getting married. Before beginning her serial series she had married eleven times to nine men. According to records, Billiot would attempt to empty out shared bank accounts during her divorces.

Billiot was also known to be a pathological liar. She would claim her husbands were abusive to gain sympathy from others. In one instance, after a divorce, she claimed that she had given birth and demanded child support from her ex-husband. Billiot went as far as creating a false birth certificate and hire lawyers.

It is believed that Billiot began her serial series at the age of 28 or 29. Although she has not been formally charged, it is believed that she was involved with the murder of her third husband William Clark Coit Jr. Billiot chose to murder males, and in both murders a gun was used.

Billiot was arrested with her boyfriend Michael Backus on December 23, 1993 for the murder of her eighth ex-husband. On May 24, 1995 Billiot was sentenced to life in prison without parole in Colorado with a one million dollar fine, so as to prevent her from profiting from her life story.

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Victims of Jill Lonita Billiot

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Jill Lonita Billiot was convicted of the murder of one person and charged with the murder of another. We currently have information on her known and suspected victims. Clark Coit Clark was found murdered on March 29, 1972. Billiot was never formally charged with this murder. Gerald Boggs Gerald was…

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