Joe Ball

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The Alligator Man, Butcher of Elmendorf5-20MaleCaucasianUSAStationaryUnknown1896/01/06 (San Antonio, Texas, USA)1938/09/24 (Suicide)

Joe Ball was born on January 6, 1896 in Texas.

Ball served in Europe during World War I, and after returning home he became a bootlegger for illegal alcohol. When Prohibition ended, Ball opened a saloon in Texas. In this saloon, Ball built a pond where he would keep his 5 alligators. According to records Ball would charge his patrons to see the alligators eat live cats and dogs.

After a few years people began to notice that his bartenders, wife and girlfriends had gone missing. It is believed that Ball began his serial series at the age of 40. Most, if not all, of his victims are believed to be women. It is estimated that Ball murdered up to 20 women, but there is no concrete evidence to prove many of these murders. A handyman of Ball’s stated that many of the women Ball had murdered were fed to his alligators.

On September 24, 1938, Ball shot himself with a rifle when police came in to his saloon to question him about the murders. Only two of his victims were actually discovered.

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Victims of Joe Ball

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Joe Ball is thought to be involved in the murders of at least twenty women. We currently have information on two of his victims. Hazel Brown Hazel’s remains were found in a barrel after Ball’s suicide. She was murdered sometime between 1936 and 1938. Minnie Gotthard Minnie’s remains were found…

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