Johann Jack Unterweger

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The Pug Dumper, The Jesus Christ Jumper, The Vienna Strangler, The Poet of Death, Jack the Writer10-15MaleCaucasianGermany, Austria, Czechoslovakia, UASNomadicSexual, Sadistic1950/08/16 (Judenburg, Styria, Austria)1994/06/29 (Suicide)


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Johann Jack Unterweger was born on August 16, 1951 in Austria. He was the only child which was born in his family and was abandoned by his mother shortly after he was born. Unterweger was raised by his grandfather who was a known alcoholic.

Before Unterweger was arrested for murder he was arrested for assaulting a prostitute and later for the murder of Margaret Schaefer in 1974. He was convicted for her murder and went on to write a autobiography, which won a literary prize. Unterweger went on to be featured on talk shows and the murder was made into a movie. He was released in 1990.

Unterweger’s murder series is thought to have begun in 1974 and continued until 1992. All of his known victims were prostitutes or known party girls. He would typically strangle the women to death with their bras or underwear. On occasion he would beat the women with tree limbs. Although he began his murder series in Austria, he also murdered women in the United States and the Czech Republic. Unterweger was given access to Los Angeles after being released from prison because an Austrian magazine company aasked Unterweger to write about crime in the city. Most of the bodies were left out in the open with no attempt to hide them.

On February 27, 1992 Unterweger was arrested in the United States for the murder of three women. He was deported to Austria on May 28, 1992 in order to begin his trial. Unterweger was found guilty on 9 counts of murder and sentenced to life imprisonment on June 28, 1994. Although he was charged for murdering 9 women it is suspected that he was involved in two other murders. After being found guilty Unterweger committed suicide in his cell.

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Victims of Johann Jack Unterweger

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Johann Jack Unterweger was found guilty for murdering nine people, but is suspected of murdering eleven people. We currently have information on seven of his victims. Margaret Schaefer Margaret, age 18,  was murdered in 1974. A bra had been used to strangle her to death. Marcia Horveth Marcia was murdered…

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