John Allen Muhammad

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Beltway Snipers, D.C. Snipers, Tarot Card Sniper10MaleBlackUSATerritorialPersonal Cause1960/12/31 (New Orleans, Louisiana, USA)n/a


23 Days of Terror : The Compelling True Story of the Hunt and Capture of the Beltway SnipersAngie CannonAmazon, Kindle eBook
Sniper: Inside the Hunt for the Killers Who Terrorized the NationSari Horwitz and Michael RuaneAmazon, Kindle eBook
Three Weeks in OctoberCharles A. Moose and Charles FlemingAmazon, Kindle eBook


Deranged: Beltway Sniper (Episode 06)
Twisted: The Washington Sniper (Episode 1x03)

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Episode 040: Modus Operandi, Ritual Behavior, and Signature

on August 5th, 2011 in Law Enforcement, Podcast Episodes, Pop Culture, Psychology, Serial Killers by | 2 Comments

Charles Albright removed the eyeballs of his victims. The Zodiac Killer signed his letters with a distinctive mark that included a cross and a circle. Richard Ramirez drew Satanic pentagrams on the walls of his victims’ homes, and sometimes on their bodies. The Boston Strangler tied his ligatures into birthday…

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