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The Lady KillerConvicted of 1, Suspected of 3 moreMaleCaucasianUnited KingdomTerritorialSexual, Criminal Enterprise1954/02/20n/a

Cannan was born in Warwickshire, England on February 24, 1954. He was the middle child of three in his family. Cannan began his serial series at the age of 33, when he murdered the only woman he was convicted of killing.

According to records, Cannan did not begin to show many signs of violence or aggression until the age of 26, when he attempted to kill his wife. From this incident forward Cannan began to rape women and steal from various stores. He received a jail sentence of 5 years for the rape of Jean Bradford and 3 years for stealing money and a car on March 14, 1981.

After being moved to Wormwood Scrubs prison in 1986, Sandra Court was found strangled to death. Cannan was questioned, but not charged with this crime. This same year Cannan was released from prison he was thought to be involved in the disappearance of Suzy Lamplugh.

Psychiatrists have stated that Cannan was sexually assaulted by an elementary school teacher at the age of 8, which could be a cause towards his violent sexual behaviour. This abuse caused Cannan to develop a stammer from being ashamed and nervous in school.

When Cannan was sentenced on July 14, 1988, and found guilty of:

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Victims of John Cannan

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John Cannan has been charged with the murder of one person and suspected to be involved in the murders of two other victims. We currently have the information on all of the victims. Shirley Anne Bank Shirley, age 38, was murdered between October 7 – 31, 1987. Her remains were found with…

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