John Christie

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Reg6-8MaleCaucasianGreat BritainStationarySexual1899/04/08 (Halifax, Yorkshire, Great Britain)1953/07/15 (Pentonville Prison, London, Great Britain; Hanged)


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John Christie was born on April 8, 1899, in Yorkshire, England. He was the third of four children to be born into his family.

Although at a young age Christie began to show abnormal sexual tendencies, he did not begin to act out aggressively until the age of 30. Christie served three months in prison for assaulting a prostitute with a cricket bat and another three months for stealing a priest’s car.

Christie began his serial series at the age of 44, in 1943. He generally chose Caucasian female prostitutes between the ages of 20 and 54. Christie would strangle his victims, or make them inhale toxic chemicals.

Christie was convicted for the murders of eight women on June 26, 1953 and sentenced to death. He was executed on July 15, 1953.

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Victims of John Christie

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John Christie has been charged with the murder of eight people. We currently have the information on all of his victims. Ruth Fuerst 21 year old Ruth was murdered in 1943, she had been reported missing on August 24, 1943. Muriel Eady 32 year old Muriel was murdered in 1944….

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