John Justin Bunting

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Convicted of 11; Suspected of 1 moreMaleCaucasianAustraliaTerritorialPersonal Cause, Criminal Enterprise, Group Cause, Sadistic1966/09/04 (Inala, Queensland, Australia)n/a


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Bunting was born in Inala, Queensland, Australia in 1966. Bunting was born without a sense of smell and was the only child in his family. From a young age Bunting began to torture ants with acid and he continued to skin cats and dogs throughout his life time, often forcing his stepson James Vlassaskis to watch and participate.

Bunting began his serial series at the age of 25 and typically chose people who were thought to be pedophiles, homosexuals, drug addicts, his partners in crime, mentally disabled people or the relatives of those working with him. In many cases Bunting would continue to collect welfare payments of the people he murdered. According to records, Bunting was sexually assaulted by a friend’s older brother at the age of 8, and so targeted those who reminded him of this abuse.

Although he had murdered without any aid previously, Bunting made Robert Wagner “Papa Smurf”, James Vlassakis, and Mark Haydon his main accomplices for later murders. However Elizabeth Harvey, Thomas Trevilyan, and Barry Lane had all participated in at least one murder each, Thomas and Barry were later to become victims of Bunting’s themselves.

Bunting tortured the majority of his victims, giving electric shocks to sensitive parts of the body, burning victims with cigarettes, using pliers on toes and typically murdered his victims through strangulation. Either Bunting or one of his accomplices would jump on the chest of the victim to get the remaining air out of the body. Almost all of the victims bodies were later dismembered and put into barrels containing acid in a bank in Snowtown, Australia.

Bunting has been formally charged with the murder of eleven people, the case of Suzanne Allen was dropped due to lack of evidence. Bunting was tried with Robert Wagner, found guilty, and sentenced to life imprisonment.

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Victims of John Justin Bunting

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John Justin Bunting has been charged with the murders of eleven people. We currently have the data on all of his alleged victims. Clinton Trezise 22 year old Clinton, was murdered August, 1992. After going to what Clinton thought was a social visit at John’s house in Lower Light, South…

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