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The Ypsilanti Killer, The Co-Ed KillerConvicted of 1; Suspected of 4 moreMaleCaucasianUSATerritorialSexual1947/06/17 (Windsor, Ontario, Canada)n/a


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John Norman Collins was born on June 17, 1947 in Windsor, Canada. He was born the youngest of three children.

According to records, Collins did not have a stable childhood. From an early age both him and his mother were physically abused by his father and step-fathers. On one occasion, Collins was thrown across a car at his mother. It is believed that because of this abuse that Collins continued to wear diapers at the age of 5. His family moved from Canada to Michigan at the age of 9, where his mother would marry another violent alcoholic. During his youth Collins was known to have strangled a cat to death.

Throughout his high school he was an honor student, but his grades began to steadily decline in university. During this time he also met Andrew Manuel, who partook in his escapades. When Collins was arrested he was 24 credits away from graduating from Eastern Michigan University.

It is believed that Collins began his serial series at the age of 20 in 1967. All of his victims were female Caucasians between the ages of 13 and 23. Collins did not have a static method of murder, he would stab, beat, strangle or shoot his victims to death. He raped all of his suspected victims before the murder, and would also have sex with the victims after they had died.

In 1969 Collins was arrested for the murder of Karen Sue Beineman. He was found guilty on August 19, 1970 and was sentenced to life imprisonment. Although he was only convicted of one murder, he is thought to have been involved in at least eight more murders. Collins is currently serving time in Marquette Branch Prison in Michigan.

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Victims of John Norman Collins

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John Norman Collins was charged with the murder of one person, but is thought to have murdered eight of more people. We currently have information on the victim he was convicted of killing and the additional eight murders he is suspected of being involved in. Mary Fleszar 19 year old…

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