Joseph Briggen

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12+MaleCaucasianUSAStationaryCriminal Enterprise1850 (abt)1903 (abt)

Joseph Briggen is thought to have been born around 1850. He was born to a large family who owned a ranch in Northern California.

After Briggen’s parents passed away his crop was always considered to be poor, but he was known to have have prize winning Berkshire hogs. Aside from making money from his hogs he would also make many trips to San Francisco.

In 1902 Briggen’s was arrested after his employee, Steven Korad, found severed fingers under his bed. It is believed that Briggen would kidnap homeless people and transients from San Francisco and then murder them. After they had been murdered Briggen would feed them to his hogs.

Briggen was arrested in 1902 for murdering approximately twelve people. He was convicted in August and sentenced to life imprisonment. After serving only a short time he died in San Quentin prison. The total number of people that Briggen murdered is still unknown.

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Victims of Joseph Briggen

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Joseph Briggen was charged for murdering twelve people. We do not currently have information on any of his victims.

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