Judias Buenoano

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Black Widow, Judy4FemaleCaucasianUSAStationaryCriminal Enterprise1943/04/04 (Quanah, Texas, USA)1998/03/30 (Florida, USA; Electric chair)


Bodies of Evidence: The Shocking True Story of America's Most Chilling Serial Murderess... From Crime Scene to Courtroom to Electric ChairChris Anderson and Sharon McGeheeAmazon


Deadly Women: Dark Secrets (Episode 2x04)

Judias Buenoano was born in Quanah, Texas on April 4,1943. The second youngest of four children in her family, she began her serial series at the age of 28 and typically chose her husbands, or those who she could collect life insurance from to murder. Judias generally chose to use arsenic to commit murder, with the exception of her son, who she drowned after the poison did not work.
Judias had been formally charged with the murder of three men, two husbands and her first born son. She was also been charged with the attempted murder of her latest husband, John Gentry.

Even at a young age Judias was seen to be very violent. After her father remarried when she was 12 years old, Judias was sent to prison for six months when she attacked her stepmother and stepbrothers. Judias and psychiatrists claim that she had been burned with cigarettes, starved and made to do slave work in her home.

Judias was sentenced to life in prison and to later be executed by electrocution on November 1, 1985. She was executed on March 30, 1998.

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Victims of Judias Buenoano

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Judias Buenoano has been charged with the murders of three people. We currently have the information on three of the victims and one intended victim. James Goodyear 37 year old James was poisoned by receiving lethal doses arsenic in his home, which he shared with Judias, on September 15, 1971. Bobby Joe…

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