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One of the Hillside Stranglers12MaleCaucasianUSATerritorialSexual, Sadistic1951/05/22 (Rochester, New York, USA)n/a


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Kenneth Alessio Bianchi was born on May 22, 1951 in Rochester, New York. He was born the only child to a 17 year-old prostitute who later gave him away for adoption. Bianchi was adopted by Frances Scioliono Bianchi and her husband.

From a young age Bianchi was known to have been a compulsive liar. At the age of 5 Kenneth began to go into trance-like states of daydreaming. It was during these states that his eyes would roll back into his head and he would become completely inattentive. Throughout his childhood he was known to have involuntary urination and was very quick to throw temper tantrums.

In January of 1976 Bianchi moved in with his future partner in crime, Angelo Buono. He began his serial series with Buono at the age of 27. All of his victims were young females between the ages of 12 to 28. Bianchi would typically choose prostitutes, people with low-incomes and students to be his victims. He would typically rape, torture and strangle all the women he chose to be his victims. He did not have a preference of race or ethnicity.

On January 10, 1979 Bianchi was arrested for the murders of two women. Upon his arrest Bianchi confessed to his involvement in ten other murders and told police about Buono’s participation in them as well. Bianchi was convicted on October 21, 1979 for the murders of twelve women and was sentenced to life in prison. He is currently serving time in Washington State Penitentiary.

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