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Larry Bright is from Peoria, Illinois and was born in 1967.

According to records, throughout his youth Bright had spent a number of years in prison for stealing cars and committing burglaries. After finishing his sentence Bright had a difficult time adapting to life outside of prison and so began to drink excessively while using cocaine heavily..

Bright began his serial spree in July 2003 and continued to murder until late 2004. All of his victims were young black women who were typically prostitutes he would hire. After Bright had intercourse with the women, they were usually given drugs, leaving them unable to defend themselves. After he murdered the women he would burn them in fire pits he had made in his mother’s backyard. Bright told the police and the courtroom that he would hear voices telling him to “do it,” before each murder.

In late 2004 Bright was arrested for the murders of eight women. He was found guilty on seven charges of first degree murder and one count of drug induced homicide. Although the judge did consider giving Bright the death penalty, he decided that life in prison was better than having to go through the difficult process of seeking the death penalty.

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Victims of Larry Bright

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Larry Bright has been charged with the murders of eight people. We currently have information on three of his victims. Tamara Walls  Tamara was murdered between the years of 2003 and 2004. Linda Neal Linda was murdered between the years of 2003 and 2004. Brenda Erving Brenda was murdered between…

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