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Lucian Staniak was born in the 1920s in Poland. There is not much known about his history prior to his murder series.

It is believed that Staniak began his murder series in 1964. All of his victims were teenage Caucasian females. He would typically rape his victims and then mutilate them. Most of his victims were disemboweled and left with torn clothing. Staniak would use artists knives or other sharp objects to murder his victims. He did not make an attempt to bury the bodies, but instead wanted them to be found in various places and positions. He would typically write a note for the police to find. It was always written with red ink that had been diluted with turpentine. Staniak would murder his victims as he travelled by train for work.

On February 1, 1967 Staniak was arrested for the murders of 6 women. He confessed to over 20, but police did not tie him to those murders. He claimed that he was driven to murder because his parents and sisters were killed in a car accident and the perpetrator had been acquitted. He then spent his time hunting for her lookalikes. In 1967 Staniak was found guilty of the murders and sentenced to die. This ruling was overturned and he was later declared insane.

Some believe that this serial killer never existed and instead is thought to be an urban legend.

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Victims of Lucian Staniak

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Lucian Saniak was charged for murdering six people, but confessed to over twenty. We currently have information on all of his known victims. Danka Maciejowitz Danka, age 17, was murdered on July 22, 1964 in Olstyn. Danka had been raped and disemboweled. Aniuta Kaliniak  Aniuta, age 16, was murdered on…

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