Ludwig Tessnow

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Ludwig Tessnow was born in 1872, in Germany. During the time of his murder series, Tessnow slaughtered 7 sheep by severing their limbs.

Tessnow’s murder series began in 1895, at the age of 23, and ended after his arrest in 1901. Tessnow did not show a preference between male or female victims. All of his victims were between the ages of 6 and 8. The exact causes of death for his victims are not known, but the bodies that were discovered had been disembowelled and dismembered. The bodies were left at the scene of the crime. After the murders were committed, Tessnow was seen with stains on his clothing, which he claimed were from wood dye.

In 1902, Tessnow was arrested for 4 murders. He was found guilty and executed in 1904.

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Victims of Ludwig Tessnow

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Ludwig Tessnow was found guilty for the murders of four children in Germany. We currently have information on all of his victims. Unidentified Girl 1 An unidentified girl, age 7, was murdered on September 9, 1895. She had been dismembered and disemboweled. Unidentified Girl 2 An unidentified girl, age 7,…

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