Main South Woodsman


Dark Minds: The Woodsman (Episode 1x04)

The Main South Woodsman is known to have murdered 3 people and is suspected of being involved in the murders of 4 others. The known murder series began in 2003, but the suspected murder series is thought to have begun in 1996. All of the Main South Woodsman’s known and suspected victims were females between the ages 24 and 40. The known victims and 2 of the suspected victims were Hispanic, the 2 remaining suspected victims were Caucasian. They were all known prostitutes with chemical dependencies. Detectives believe that the killer strangles his victims and then disposes of the bodies in heavily wooded areas.

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Victims of the Main South Woodsman

on April 12th, 2010 in Serial Killers, Unsubs, Victimology by | 26 Comments

The Main South Woodsman is known to have murdered three victims, but is also thought to have been involved in the murders of four others in Massachusetts. We currently have information on the known and suspected victims of the Main South Woodsman. Betzaida Montalvo Betzaida, age 29, went missing in…

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