Marcel Petiot

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Up to 60MaleCaucasianFranceStationaryCriminal Enterprise, Personal Cause1897/01/171946/05/25


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Marcel André Henri Félix Petiot was born on January 17, 1897 in France. Although some people claimed that he was a delinquent there is no evidence to prove this and their stories may have been influenced after he was convicted of murder.

During World War I, Petiot was wounded and gassed and began to show signs of having a mental breakdown. He was sent to many rest homes and was eventually arrested for attempting to steal army blankets. Despite being diagnosed with a mental illness, Petiot was sent back into the war in 1918. He later shot himself in the foot and was discharged. He then went to medical school and received his medical degree. He was known in the area for his subpar medical practice and performing illegal abortions.

It is believed that Petiot began his murder series in 1926, at the age of 29, though there was no evidence to support this murder. Most of Petiot’s known murders took place during World War II when he joined the Resistance. It is believed that under the false identity “Dr. Eugène”, Petiot pretended that he could help people to escape German soldiers at the price of 25,000 francs per person. After Petiot collected the money he would tell the victims that they had to be inoculated against disease and would then inject them with cyanide. Petiot stole their belongings and would dispose of the bodies by putting them in quicklime or would burn the bodies.

Petiot’s actions were discovered by the Gestapo, who assumed that he was part of the Resistance because he claimed to be helping others out of the country. His accomplises Raoul Fourrier, Edmond Pintard, and René-Gustave Nézondet confessed that Dr. Eugène was Petiot. Nézondet was later released, but Fourrier, Pintard and Petiot were held in prison for 8 months. After Petiot was released from prison his neighbors complained about a terrible smell coming from his property. It was then that police discovered the human remains.

In 1944, Petiot was arrested for the murders of 27 people. Petiot claimed that he was innocent and only murdered those who were considered enemies of France. He was found guilty of 26 murder and was sentenced to death. On May 25, 1955 he was beheaded. Petiot is believed to have murdered over 60 people.

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Victims of Marcel André Henri Félix Petiot

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Marcel André Henri Félix Petiot was found guilty for murdering twenty-six people, though it is believed that he murdered over sixty people throughout his life. The only information we have about Petiot’s victims is that he claimed to have only murdered the enemies of the French during World War II.

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