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Marcelo Costa De Andrade was born around 1967 in Rio de Janeiro. He grew up in the Rocinha Slum without any running water and very little money. He was often beatn by his grandfather, stepfather and stepmother. At the age of 10 he was sexually abused and by 14 he was working as a prostitute. At the age of 16 Marcelo Costa De Andrade began a long-term relationship with an older man and quit his job. At around the age of 23, his relationship ended and so he moved in with his mother in Itaborai, which was another slum. It was around this time that Marcelo Costa De Andrade began to attend the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God four times a week and nearly five hours each visit.

Marcelo Costa De Andrade’s murder series began in April of 1991, at the age of 24, and continued until December of the same year. All of his victims were young boys that he would lure in with sweets and money. He would bring them into secluded areas, rape them and then strangle or beat the boys to death. Some of the victims had been decapitated or had their head crushed. Marcelo Costa De Andrade would often have sex with the corpses. On some occasions, Marcelo Costa De Andrade would drink the blood of his victims. He believed that when he drank his victim’s blood he would stay young and remain cute like they had been. He later claimed that he would select the “prettiest boys”. All of the victims had their shorts stolen as a momentos. The boys would usually by buried in shallow graves.

It is believed that after a priest in the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God told Marcelo Costa De Andrade that all boys who die before the age of 13 go to heaven that he began his murder series. He took what the priest said literally and began to murder those who were under that age to save them from having to live terrible lives in the slums. Marcelo Costa De Andrade also claimed that evil spirits forced him to kill children because “they like children’s blood”.

In December of 1991, Marcelo Costa De Andrade was arrested for the murder of 6 year old Ivan Abreu. Ivan was murdered in front of his 10 year old brother Altair, who Marcelo Costa De Andrade claimed that he had fallen in love with. When Altair managed to escape and eventually tell his family Marcelo Costa De Andrade was arrested two days after. When Marcelo Costa De Andrade’s mother was brought in for questioning two months later she admitted to his suspicious behavior and Marcelo Costa De Andrade confessed to 13 other murders. He was declared insane on April 26, 1993 and sent to Heitor Carrilho psychiatric hospital in Rio. Marcelo Costa De Andrade is currently serving time in Henrique Roxo hospital.

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Marcelo Costa De Andrade was found guilty of murdering fourteen boys and was declared insane. We currently have information on three of his victims. Anderson Anderson was murdered in 1991. He had been raped and then strangled to death. Odair Jose Muniz Odair, age 11, was murdered with a machete….

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