Margie Velma Barfield

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Death Row Granny, Mama Margie4FemaleCaucasianUSAStationaryCriminal Enterprise1932/10/29 (Cumberland County, North Carolina, USA)1984/11/02 (Lethal injection)

Margie Velma Barfield is a gain-type of serial killer whose victims mainly comprised people she regularly interacted with. She was addicted to prescription pain killers and forged checks or stole money from her relatives and employers to support her addiction. She killed her victims with arsenic, either to keep her supply of prescription drugs alive, or to prevent others from finding out about her scams. After several stays of execution, she was finally put to death on November 2, 1984, making her the first woman to be executed via lethal injection.

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Victims of Margie Velma Barfield

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Margie Velma Barfield confessed to killing 4 people, all of whom were close to her. Here are brief pieces of information about her victims. Lillie Bullard Lillie Bullard is Margie Velma Barfield’s mother. She was poisoned two months after her daughter took out a loan in her name and forged…

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