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Deadly Women: Revenge (Episode 1x03)

Maria Gruber was born around 1964 in Austria.

Gruber began her murder series after being recruited by Waltraud Wagner. Wagner was also known to have recruited Stephanija Meyer and Irene Leidolf. The murder series began in 1983, when Gruber was around the age of 19. Together, these women would murder their patients by cause them to have an overdose of morphine, insulin, Rohypnol or would drown them. When drowning a patient the women would always ask Wagner for assistance. It is believed that at first the women believed that they were helping to ease the pain of the suffering, but this began to change over time. The women began to murder patients that would annoy them or murder the ones that they did not like. The bodies were left at the scenes of the crimes and no one thought that the deaths were suspicious.

In 1989, Gruber and her accomplices went to have a drink after work at their local pub and began to discuss how they would murder their patients. A doctor, who was sitting at a nearby table, overheard what they were saying and went to the police to report what he had heard. The women were arrested 6 weeks later. Both Gruber and Meyer were found guilty on the charges of manslaughter and attempted murder and were sentenced to 15 years in prison. Wagner was found guilty for murdering 15 people, attempting to murder 17 people and assaulting 2 people. Leidolf was found guilty for the murders of 5 people. It is believed that together the women murdered between 48 and 200 people.

In 2008, Gruber was released on conditional parole and given a new identity.

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Victims of Maria Gruber

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Maria Gruber was found guilty of manslaughter and attempted murder. Gruber and her accomplices Stephanija Meyer, Irene Leidolf and Waltraud Wagner are thought to have murdered between forty-eight and two-hundred people. We do not currently have information on any of her victims.

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