Martin Kipp

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Kipp had a difficult childhood. He was born to a prostitute who abandoned him at the age of 22 months. The relatives that adopted Kipp were alcoholics who beat him regularly. Kipp joined the army and was stationed briefly in Japan.

After returning home Kipp was accused of abducting and raping a women in Long Beach. He was sentenced to 3 years in prison, but only served 19 months of his sentence.

It is believed that Kipp began his murder series in 1983. Both of his victims were females who were 19 years of age. Kipp did not show a preference between race as one of his victims was a Caucasian and the other was African American. The victims were usually raped prior to their murder and then strangled to death. There was no attempt to bury the bodies, instead Kipp would leave the bodies at the place in which they were murdered.

In January of 1985 Kipp was arrested for the murder of Antaya Howard. Once he was arrested he was charged for the murder of Tiffany Frizzell. On August 15, 1987 Kipp was sentenced to death for the first murder and has yet to be tried for the second.

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Victims of Martin Kipp

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Martin Kipp was charged for the murder of two people. We currently have information on both of his victims. Tiffany Frizzell Tiffany, age 19, was murdered on September 16, 1983. She had been beaten, raped and strangled to death. Antaya Howard  Antaya, age 19, was murdered on December 29, 1984….

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