Melvin Rees

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Melvin Rees was born in 1933. There is not much known about his childhood or upbringing.

Rees began his serial series in 1957, at the age of 24. He would typically murder women, with the exception of one male, and would molest them either before or after their murder. Rees would usually shoot his victims in the head to cause their death. All of the murders took place in Maryland and Virginia.

Rees was arrested in 1960 and was found guilty for the murder of five people. He was sentenced to life in prison. Rees died in prison of heart failure in 1995.

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Victims of Melvin Rees

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Melvin Rees was charged with the murders of five people. We currently have information on all of his victims. Margaret Harold On June 26, 1957 Margaret was shot in the head. Her boyfriend managed to escape the attack. Carroll Jackson Carroll is thought to have been shot to death with…

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