Myra Hindley

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Moors Murderer5FemaleCaucasianGreat BritainTerritorialGroup Cause1942/07/232002/11/15 (Bronchial pneumonia)


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Myra Hindley was born on July 23, 1943 in Gorton, England. She was the eldest child in her family. According to records, her family was extremely poor, so she was made to share a bedroom with her parents until her younger sister was born in 1946. Hindley was then sent to live with her grandmother.

Hindley’s father had served in World War II and was known to have been extremely tough on both his comrades and his daughters. He expected Hindley to take care of herself, even if this meant using violence. Psychiatrists have stated that encouraging violence in this way probably contributed to the murders that took place in the future.

Hindley met her partner in crime, Ian Brady, in 1961 and became obsessed. She began to dress more risqué and read books about torture and crime with Brady. After Brady moved in with Hindley, the murders began to take place. Her serial series began at the age of 21. Hindley claims that Brady had murdered the children, but that she had lured them into the vehicles. All of the victims were sexually assaulted and then either strangled with a piece of sting, beaten or bled to death.

Hindley claimed that the only reason she participated in the murders was because Brady would drug her or blackmail her with nude pictures he had taken of her.

Hindley was arrested on October 11, 1965. She was sentenced to two life sentences and sent to Holloway Prison. Hindley died on November 15, 2002 from heart disease in England.

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