Orville Lynn Majors

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6+MaleCaucasianUSAStationaryPersonal Cause1961/04/24 (Linton, Indiana, USA)n/a

Orville Lynn Majors was born on April 24, 1961. He was born in Clinton, Indiana.

It is thought that Majors began his devotion to elderly care after helping to take care of his grandmother at a young age. After leaving Vermillion County Hospital for a short time, Majors came back to wok in 1993, which is when it is suspected that he began his serial seres.

In late 1993, it was noted that a patient would die every 23 hours when Majors was on duty. Prior to Majors’ employment, an average of 26 patients would die annually, during his employment it went up to nearly 100 per year. Witnesses testified that Majors referred to some patients as a “waste”, and also bragged about killing some of his patients. His weapon of choice was said to be potassium chloride, which he would inject into the IV of a patient.

Majors was arrested in December 1997, and found guilty of murdering six patients in October 1999. He was sentenced to 360 years in prison.

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Victims of Orville Lynn Majors

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Orville Lynn Majors has been charged with the murders of six people, but is thought to have murdered as many as one hundred and thirty people between the years of 1993-1995. We currently have the information on six of his known victims and one of his suspected victims. Mary A….

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