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Patrick Kearney was born in 1940, in Texas. He was born the youngest of three males in his family. He was often picked on throughout his childhood. Some experts believe that being bullied contributed to Kearney becoming antisocial and he began to fantasize about murdering people.

Kearney's serial series is thought to have begun in 1968, at the age of 28, and ended when upon his arrest in 1977. Kearney would typically pick up male hitchhikers or men from gay bars and then murder them. Unlike many serial killers, Kearney would get sexual satisfaction after he murdered his victims. He was known to shoot his victims, usually without any warning, and then engage in intercourse, mutilate and dismember the bodies. Kearney earned the nickname, the Trash Bag Killer, because after he murdered and dismembered a victim he would wash the body parts until the blood was drained from the remains. The body parts were then placed into separate plastic bags. All of the victims remains were found along the sides of highways, in the United States, between Los Angeles and the Mexican border.

Many experts believe that it took detectives until 1975 to begin investigating the Trash Bag Killer because there were a number serial killers in the 1970s, who were also located in California. At this time, the Hillside Stranglers were abducting, torturing and murdering young girls, the Zodiac Killer was sending letters to the police for the murders he committed, the Zebra Killers were murdering people at random with machetes, Randy Kraft was kidnapping, castrating and murdering young homosexual males and William Bonin was murdering young homosexual males and disposing them on the sides of highways. However, as more Kearney's were discovered, police began to notice that he was the only serial killer, at this time, who cleaned the dismembered body parts of his victims.

On July 1, 1977 Kearney was arrested with his partner, David Hill, for the murder of John LaMay. Hill was cleared from having any involvement in any of the murders, while Kearney confessed to have murdered 35 people. He was found guilty on 21 counts of murder and was given 21 life sentences. There was not enough evidence to charge him for the other murders he confessed to.

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Patrick Kearney was charged for the murders of twenty-one people, but upon his arrest confessed to being involved in thirty-five murders.  Although Kearney gave police a list of his victims, a formal list of all the victims names was not given to the media. We currently have information regarding some of…

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