Pedro Rodrigues Filho

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Pedrinho Matador (Little Peter the Killer)Convicted of 71; Confessed to 100+MaleHispanicBrazilStationaryUnknown1954 (Brazil)n/a

Pedro Rodrigues Filho was born in Brazil, 1954. He earned the nickname Little Peter the Killer.

Filho was arrested in 1973 and was convicted of killing 71 people, but claims to have murdered over 100 people. He was sentenced to 128 years in prison. While incarcerated he has murdered 47 prison inmates.

According to records, before being arrested Filho murdered his father and ate part of his heart after stabbing his mother with a machete.

He was released on April 24, 2007, but rearrested in September 2011 and is serving time for charges such as riot and false imprisonment.

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Victims of Pedro Rodrigues Filho

on January 1st, 2010 in Serial Killers, Victimology by | 3 Comments

Pedro Rodrigues Filho was convicted of murdering seventy-one people, but is thought to be involved in over one hundred murders. We currently do not have information on any of his victims.

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