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The Vampire of Düsseldorf9MaleCaucasianGermanyTerritorialSexual, Personal Cause?1883/05/26 (Mülheim am Rhein)1931/07/02 (Cologne, Germany; Decapitation by guillotine)


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Peter Kürten was born on May 26, 1883. He was born the third child of thirteen in Mülheim am Rhein. In his youth Kürten was forced to watch his father sexually and physically abuse his mother and sisters. Eventually, Kürten began to follow in his father’s footsteps and did the same. He moved with his family to Düsseldorf in 1894, which is where his serial series would begin.

As Kürten grew up he began to torture and abuse animals. Kürten attained a job with a local dogcatcher to get closer to more animals he could abuse daily. In his youth, Kürten received amany short prison sentences for many crimes, such arson and theft.

It is believed that Kürten’s serial series began on May 26, 1913. After his arrest, Kürten claimed that he murdered two young boys while swimming many years before this charge. Although Kürten did not have a specific method of murder, he was known to have murdered by strangling, beating or stabbing his victims to death. He would kill men and women, children and adults.

On May 24, 1930 Kürten was arrested for the murders of 9 people and 7 attempted murders. In April 1931, Kürten went on trial and though he originally pleaded not guilty, he later confessed al of his crimes and plead guilty to insure his wife had less worries in her old age. He was found guilty and sentenced to death. Kürten was executed by the guillotine on July 2, 1931.

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Victims of Peter Kürten

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Peter Kürten was known to have murdered nine people, but is suspected of being involved in sixty murders. We currently have information on nine of his victims. Christine Klein Christine, age 10, was strangled to death in 1913. Rosa Ohliger Rosa was 8 years old and murdered on February 8, 1929….

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