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Randall Woodfield as born on December 26, 1950 in Salem, Oregon.

According to records, Woodfield had a fairly normal childhood and was liked by most peers and teachers. He had been selected in the 1974 NFL Draft. While he was in high school and after being accepted for the Draft he began to get into trouble with the police for public indecency. The Packers ended up sending him home after more than one dozen flashing incidents.

Woodfield was given the nickname The I-5 Bandit because nearly all of his crimes were committed along the I-5. He would rape, sodomize, molest, rob and murder in many stores and homes along the I-5.

It is believed that Woodfield began his serial series in October of 1979. It is not known how many victims he has had, but nearly all of his known victims had been raped or sodomized. He would typically strangle or stab his victims to death. Since the I-5 covers so much area, it is not known just how many states and countries he committed murders in. When police searched his home, they found the tape which Woodfield would bind his victims with.

On March 3, 1981 Woodfield was arrested for murder, rape, sodomy, attempted kidnapping, armed robbery and the illegal possession of firearms. He was convicted of every charge and sentenced to life in prison plus 90 years. He was then charged for another charge of sodomy and another 35 years was added to his sentence. In total Woodfield was charged for murdering four people, but it is believed he has murdered up to 44 people.

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Victims of Randall Woodfield

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Randall Woodfield was charged with the murders of four people, but it is estimated that he murdered between eighteen and forty-four people. We currently have information on ten of his victims. Cherie Ayers Cherie was stabbed to death on October 9, 1980. Darci Fix Darci was shot to death in…

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