Randy Steven Kraft

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The Freeway Killer, The Score-Card Killer16-51+MaleCaucasianUSANomadicSexual, Sadistic1945/03/19 (Long Beach, California, USA)n/a


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Randy Steven Kraft was born on March 19, 1945 in Long Beach, California. He was born the youngest of 4 children in his family.

Throughout Kraft’s childhood and adolescence he has considered to be very bright. He was not known to show any unusual behavior. At a young age Kraft believed in very right-wing ideals, but by the end of college education switched to more left-wing ideals. After high school Kraft attended Claremont Men’s College and shortly joined the Reserve Officer Training Corps. In 1968, Kraft joined the U.S. Air Force, but was discharged in 1969 on medical grounds. It is believed by some that Kraft’s homosexuality became public before his discharge.

Kraft’s murder series is thought to have begun in September of 1971, at the age of 26, and ended in 1983. All of Kraft’s known victims were males between the ages of 18 and 25. They had all been bound, tortured and drugged before their murder. Most of the victims were raped, though not all the remains of Kraft’s victims have been discovered. Kraft’s weapon of choice was a gun, though he would sometimes torture his victims to death. All of the victims were discovered on the sides of many highways around California, Oregon and Michigan. Some of the bodies has been dismembered.

On May 14, 1983 Kraft was arrested for driving while intoxicated. It was then that police discovered that that the body of Terry Lee Gamrel was in the front seat. A list of 61 terms and phrases was also found. Detectives later decoded Kraft’s list to find the details of his 61 suspected victims. 22 of the victims listed remain unidentified and unfound. Kraft was charged with 16 homicides. On November 29, 1989 he was found guilty and sentenced to death. He is currently on death row in California.

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Randy Steven Kraft was found guilty for the murders of sixteen people, but is thought to have been involved in the murders of upwards of fifty-one people. We currently have information on all of his known victims and eleven of his suspected victims. Keith Klingbeil Keith’s remains were found on…

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