Raymond Carl Taylor

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One of the McCrary Family22MaleCaucasianUSANomadicCriminal Enterprise1934 (abt)Unknown

Raymond Carl Taylor was born in 1934, in the United States. He married a woman by the name of Ginger Taylor, whose parents were Sherman and Carolyn McCrary. Ginger Taylor also had a brother named Daniel McCrary. Together, this family went on to murder around 22 people throughout the United States.

The murder series began in August of 1971, when Raymond Taylor was 38, and continued for the next 6 months. Nearly all the victims were young women who were kidnapped at the time of the robbery. The victims were raped for hours or days by Raymond Taylor, Sherman and Daniel McCrary. After the men in the family were finished with the women they, or Carolyn and Ginger, would shoot the victims to death. All of the victims were murdered with the same type of guns. The victims were found naked along the side of the road or at the McCrary home.

In June of 1972, all five members of the family were arrested after they shot a police officer during an armed robbery. The officer survived and was able to give a description of the getaway car and the robbers. Although they were suspected to have been involved in over 22 murders, police were unable to find enough evidence to convict them on every charge. Raymond Taylor was found guilty for the murder of one person.

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