Richard Grissom, Jr.

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Richard Grissom Jr. was born in 1960, in the United States.

There is not a lot known about Grissom Jr.’s childhood. Before his murder series, at the age of 16, in 1976, Grissom Jr. was charged for the murder of an elderly woman, Hazel Meeker. He was released on parole two years later and is thought to have been began his murder series in 1989, with the murder of Terri Maness, though he was never formally charged with this murder. His known murder series began on June 18, 1989, at the age of 29, and ended in the same year. All of Grissom Jr.’s victims were women between the ages of 22 and 25. His suspected victim, Terri Maness, had been discovered in her apartment and her body had been mutilated. It is not known how he murdered his known victims or where their remains were placed.

On July 7, 1989, Grissom Jr. was arrested for the murders of three women. He was found guilty on all three charges of murder and five other charges related to the murders. Grissom Jr. was sentenced to four life terms in prison.

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Victims of Richard Grissom Jr.

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Richard Grissom Jr. was found guilty for the murders of three people, but is suspected to have murdered an additional victim and had been charged for a murder prior to his murder series. We currently have information on all of his known and suspected victims. Hazel Meeker Hazel was murdered…

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