Richard Starrett

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DannyConvicted of 1; Suspected of as many as 6 or 7 moreMaleCaucasianUSANomadicSexual, Sadistic1959/09/25n/a

Richard Starrett was born on September 25, 1959. It is not known if he was the second or third child in this family.

According to records, when Starrett was a newborn he needed constant attention and would cry throughout the whole nights and days. His mother would leave him with babysitters for days, it is not known if Starrett suffered from sexual and physical abuse at this time. Starrett was known to have experienced many head injuries throughout his youth, including one time where he fell 9 feet and landed on his head. He was often described as going through periods of being hyperactive and then in a trancelike state.

In his adolescence Starrett claimed that he was addicted to adrenaline. He was known to have hung his body outside of a car going 70 mph. Starrett also began to follow girls home and blacked out on some occasions. After Starrett as married he began to answer classified ads and would force women to perform oral sex.

It is believed that Starrett began his murder series in 1988. His known victim was a female. Starrett was known to have murdered his victim by shooting her in the head. He left her body on the side of a river.

In February of 1989 Starrett was arrested for the murder of Jean Taylor McCrea. He was given a life sentences for raping and molesting women, plus 4 more life terms and 50 years for the murder. Although he was only formally charged with the murder of one person, Starrett is suspected of being involved in at least 5 other murders.

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Victims of Richard Starrett

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Richard Starrett was charged for the murder of one person, but is suspected to have murdered others. We currently have information on his one known victim. Jean Taylor McCrea Jean was shot to death in December of 1988.

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