Robert Charles Browne

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MaleCaucasianUSANomadicSexual1952/10/31 (Coushatta, Louisiana, USA)n/a


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Browne was born in Coushatta, Louisiana October 31, 1952. In his family he was the youngest of 9 children. In1969 Browne joined the army, and later participated in the war in Vietnam. Browne began his serial series at the age of 28, but had first murdered at the age of 18.

Psychiatrists have claimed that Browne was psychologically abused by a mentally unstable mother, who allowed siblings to humiliate him daily. Also adding to his psychosis, Browne’s grandfather had committed suicide by throwing himself down a well on New Years 1961, and his aunt was brutally murdered in 1963.

Browne generally chose younger women to be his victims, and did not have a preferred victim race or weapon of choice.

Browne was arrested in 1995, and was sentenced the same year to life in prison in Colorado.

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Victims of Robert Charles Browne

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Robert Charles Browne was formally charged with the murders of two girls. Police have been able to tie him to the slayings of six other murders. Browne has admitted to 48 murders, while also claiming up to 71 in total. We currently have the data on 8 of his proven…

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