Robin Gecht

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Member of the Chicago Rippers; Member of the Ripper Crew18MaleCaucasianUSATerritorialGroup Cause, Sexual1953 (Menard, IL, USA)n/a


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Robin Gecht was born in Menard, Illinois in 1953.

Gecht is known to be the leader of a gang named The Chicago Rippers in Chicago, Illinois. The murder series is thought to have begun on May 23, 1981. The gang consisted of Gecht, Edward Speitzer, Andrew Kokoraleis and Thomas Kokoraleis. Gecht. victims. After the murder of a victim, different members would stab the victim and usually remove either one or both breasts from the body. Some victims had the wounds raped, while others were masturbated on. They would save the breasts for when they would return home where each of the members would masturbate into the breast while reading passages from “The Satanic Bible”. After they were finished they would cut the breasts into pieces and eat them.

The gang would usually choose to abduct prostitutes and murder, though the gang made a few exceptions. Many of the victims were stabbed to death, but some members of the gang claimed that Gecht shot a number of his victims to death. Most of the bodies were left in dumpsters and were known to decompose very quickly because of their large wounds.

On November 5, 1982 the Chicago Rippers were arrested. Gecht maintained his innocence throughout the investigation and the trial. Nearly all other members of the gang stated that Gecht was involved in the murders, but there was nothing to physically tie him to the murders. He was charged with attempted murder, rape, deviate sexual assault, aggravated battery and armed violence and sentenced to 120 years in prison. It is still believed by many that Gecht was the main leader of the Chicago Rippers.

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