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Roy Fontaine, The Monster Butler5MaleCaucasianGreat BritainNomadicCriminal Enterprise1924/06/17 (Glasgow, Great Britain)2002 (Kinston Prison, Portsmouth, Great Britain)


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Roy Archibald Hall was born on June 17, 1924 in Glasgow, Scotland. He was born the first child in his family.

Hall was a great student, always attending class and achieving good grades. At the age of 16, Hall began robbing homes around his local area. Hall was caught for stealing at the age of 21 and was sentenced to two years in prison. After he was released from prison, he was arrested again for a burglary charge and sentenced to another two years in prison. Hall continued to steal from stores and receive prison sentences throughout his life.

Hall began his serial series at the age of 52 and was not too particular about his victims. He murdered both men and women between the ages of 20 – 82. Throughout his serial series he murdered a bother, ex-lover, accomplice, employers. His method to murder was to use a gun, suffocate, strangle, drown or beat his victims.

Hall was sentenced to two life sentences for the murders of Wright and Walter Scott-Elliot. He was sentenced in Edinburgh in May, 1978. Hall died in 2002 in Kingston prison, Portsmouth.

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Victims of Roy Archibald Hall

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Roy Archibald Hall was charged with the murder of five people. We currently have information on all of his known victims. David Wright David was shot in the back of the head with a rifle in Dumfriesshire, 1977. Dorothy Scott-Elliot  Dorothy was murdered by Hall and Kitto. She was found…

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