Serge Archambault

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Serge Archambault was born around 1956, in Canada. From a young age, Archambault felt a desire to murder women. Archambault claimed that he felt murderous and deviant sexual urges towards women after his aunt allowed her boyfriends’ to sexually molest him. After being sexually assaulted, Archambault vowed that he would hurt women as retribution.

In 1982, Archambault checked himself into the Pinel Institute for the criminally insane in an attempt to stop his aggressive feelings towards women. He was checked out in 1984, and married his wife, Lyne Dufort, in 1987. During his murder series, Archambault was known to sneak into homes and search for lingerie. Archambault would often place the lingerie on a bed and stab it, pretending it was a real woman.

On June 16, 1989, Archambault began his murder series. All of his known victims were females between the ages of 24 and 47. Archambault did not show a preference in his choice of murder weapons. His known victims were murdered with a knife, gun and through suffocation. His victims were not sexually assaulted at the time of the murder, but Archambault would usually become aroused thinking of the murders afterwards.

On November 19, 1993, Archambault was found guilty on three counts of first degree murder and was sentenced to life in prison.

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Serge Archambault was found guilty for the murders of three people in Quebec, Canada, but is believed to have murdered six people. We currently have information on the three victims he was found guilty for murdering. Anna-Maria Codina- Leva Anna-Maria Codina- Leva, age 30, was murdered in late June of…

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