Servant Girl Annihilator


The Servant Girl Annihilator is thought have been responsible for 8 murders and for seriously injuring four people in Austin, Texas. The murder series began in 1984 and is believed to have stopped in 1985. The victims were usually female, with the exception of 1 male victim who was murdered trying to defend another victim. The victims were attacked while sleeping in their beds and then dragged down the stairs of their homes. The victims were then severely mutilated and murdered outside. There was only one victim that was not murdered outside. All of the victims were places in a similar manner and had a sharp object in their ears. The murderer would typically use an axe to murder his victims. All of the women were raped during the attack.

Although there were no formal charges pressed against anyone for the murders, there were approximately 400 people who were arrested throughout the year. One suspect was a Malay cook, whose is only known as Maurice, left Austin shortly after the murders to work on an ocean vessel. He was never questioned about the murders.

There are some detectives which believed that there was a connection to the Servant Girl Annihilator and Jack the Ripper. Jack the ripper murdered and brutally mutilated 5 lower class women in England. There is evidence that Maurice was in London, England after working in Austin, Teas, however there no other evidence which has been found to connect the 2 sets of murders.

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Victims of the Servant Girl Annihilator

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The Servant Girl Annihilator is thought to have murdered eight people in Austin, Texas. We currently have information on all of their  suspected victims. Mollie Smith  Mollie, age 25, was murdered on December 30, 1884. Eliza Shelly Eliza was murdered on May 6, 1885. Irene Cross  Irene was murdered on…

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