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It is believed that Sukhwinder’s serial series began with the murder of his elder brother in India, though no formal charge has been made. The earliest murder which Dhillon has been convicted of was from 1995, when he poisoned his first wife to death. The two people which Dhillon has been convicted of murdering and the four he is suspected of murdering were all poisoned to death with Strychnine. It is believed that Dhillon murdered in order to attain more money and to ensure that he would not lose any.

Dhillon was originally arrested for being suspect in the murder of his friend Ranjit Khela. Ranjit had asked for a pill from Dhillon to compensate for his sexual inadequacy. Dhillon gave him poison instead, and tricked Ranjit into making him a beneficiary for his insurance policy, instead of his wife.

Dhillon was charged for the murders of his wife and his friend and was sentenced to life in prison.

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Victims of Sukhwinder Dhillon

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Sukhwinder Dhillon was charged with the murders of two people, but is suspected of murdering an additional four people. We currently have information on all of his known and suspected victims. Parvesh Dhillon Parvesh was Dhillon’s first wife and was poisoned in Canada, 1995. Ranjit Khela Ranjit was a friend…

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