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Ted Bundy | The Serial Killers Podcast

Ted Bundy

Demographic Info

Kenneth Misner, Chris Hagen, Richard Burton, Officer Roseland, Rolf Miller26-35+MaleCaucasianUSANomadicSexual, Sadistic1946/24/11 (Burlington, Vermont, USA)1989/12/24 (Bradford County, Florida, USA; Electric chair)


Bundy Murders, TheKevin M. SullivanAmazon, Kindle eBook
Defending the Devil: My Story As Ted Bundy's Last LawyerPolly NelsonAmazon
Only Living Witness, The: The True Story of Serial Sex Killer Ted BundyStephen G. Michaud and Hugh AynesworthAmazon, Kindle eBook
Stranger Beside Me, TheAnn RuleAmazon
Ted Bundy : Conversations with a KillerStephen G. Michaud and Hugh AynesworthAmazon, Kindle eBook
Terrible Secrets: Ted Bundy on Serial MurderRobert D. Keppel and Stephen G. MichaudKindle eBook


Biography: Ted BundyAmazon (DVD)
Deliberate Stranger, TheAmazon (DVD)
Deranged: Ted Bundy (Episode 02)
Most Evil: Cold-Blooded Killers (Episode 1x02)
Most Evil: Masterminds (Episode 2x08)
Most Evil: Science of Murder (Episode 1x07)
Ted BundyAmazon (DVD), Amazon (Video on Demand)
Twisted: Ted Bundy (Episode 2x01)

Theodore Bundy

Ted Bundy was born on November 24, 1946, in Burlington, Vermont. He was the first child born into his family and later had 4 step siblings. At the age of 3, Bundy was caught standing beside his aunt’s bed grinning after he had put knives in her bed. It is believed that as a young teenager he stole from homes, but no charges were ever pressed. Bundy achieved high grades throughout all of his schooling. Bundy attended many different universities until he graduated from University of Washington in 1979. While Bundy attended this school he was in a one year relationship with Stephanie Brooks, it is believed by many that Bundy targeted many of his victims based off of her body type, though he denied this.

Bundy began seeing Stephanie again in 1974, but then abruptly stopping dating her. Prior to his murder series Bundy broke into bedrooms and sexually assaulted many women. It is in 1974 that it is believed Bundy began his murder series. Since Bundy told many stories to different people, his murder series could have began as early as 1969. All of his victims were females between the ages of 12 and later 20s. Many of the victims were university students and in 1974 female students in the area were disappearing at a rate of one person a month. Bundy’s victims were Caucasian, with brown hair and they were all raped both before and after their deaths. Each of the women had their clothing removed so that it could be burned or donated, which Bundy did to minimize evidence. The women were usually beaten unconscious and then taken to a secondary crime scene where they were strangled or beaten to death. Bundy would often revisit the secondary crime scene to commit acts of necrophilia. He took many photos of his victims, to remember the crime scene and what he had done. During each of his murders, Bundy believed that being extremely drunk was the way to let his inhibitions out. The remains of his victims were spread over very large areas of land, making it hard for investigators to know that there was only one killer. During his murder series, Bundy would use a number of ploys and costumes to lure in his victims. He would sometimes use a fake cast and ask for help or even impersonated police officers and firefighters. Women would help Bundy carry things to his car and would then be beaten unconscious. The victims would usually have a totem taken from them so that Bundy could remember the event. In some cases, Bundy would decapitate the victims and keep their heads for a period of time.

Investigators believe that Bundy used his knowledge of law enforcement to escape being caught. His intentional widespread disposal of the remains made it difficult for the police to know there was only one killer for the 20 plus victims. He murdered his victims using silent methods, beating them or strangling them, so that no person would know that a murder was taking place. Bundy did not leave fingerprints at any of the crime scenes, which showed just how carefully he planned his attacks. Bundy’s features were also thought to be average, which allowed him to blend in with everyone else. He was often described to be like chameleon and was able to change his appearance in each picture.

In August of 1975, Bundy was arrested when he was pulled over for a routine traffic stop. The officer saw that the passenger seat was missing from Bundy’s car and he also saw a ski mask, a crowbar, handcuffs, trash bags and other items. Although Bundy tried to explain the items, the officer placed him under 24-hour surveillance. Hairs were found in his old Volkswagen Beetle that matched a victim. He was also picked out of a lineup by a survivor as “Officer Roseland”. He as charged with aggravated kidnapping and attempted criminal assault, but was freed on $15,000 bail by his parents. In February of 1976, Bundy was found guilty of kidnapping and assault, he was sentenced to 15 years in prison. He was then charged with Caryn Campbell’s murder.

On June 7, 1977 he was transported to Pitkin County Courthouse in Aspen from Glenwood Springs. He was serving as his own attorney and requested to visit the law library to do research. He then escaped through a window and sprained his ankle. He was not caught until 6 days later. On December 30, 1977, Bundy broke out of prison in Glenwood Springs by sawing a hole in the corner of his cell. Bundy fled to Florida without being discovered. It was during this time that he broke into FSU’s Chi Omega sorority, beat 4 women unconscious and sexually assaulted them all within 15 minutes. He then went into another apartment and attacked another woman. On February 12, 1978 Bundy was arrested after an officer pulled him over and he attempted to flee on foot. During his time in prison, Bundy believed that he was an expert on serial killers and would often give his suggestions and advise on how to catch serial killers to the police.

On July 24, 1979 Bundy was found guilty of two murders, three counts of attempted first degree murder and two counts of burglary. He was sentenced to death for the murder convictions. Six months later he was found guilty for another murder and sentenced to death. It was during this time that Bundy married Carole Ann Boone after he discovered a Florida law that stated a marriage declaration in court would count as a legal marriage. She later gave birth to a daughter. He was executed on January 24, 1989. Before his execution Bundy confessed to 30 murders throughout 7 states. So far, 36 murders have been connected to Bundy, but there is no way to know the actual number of people he murdered.

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