Theresa Cross Knorr

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3FemaleCaucasianUSAStationaryPersonal Cause1946/03/14 (Sacramento, CA, USA)n/a


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Theresa Cross Knorr was born on March 14, 1946 in Sacramento, California. She was born the youngest of three children.

At a young age Knorr’s father was disabled because of Parkinson’s disease, leaving only her mother to work. While at a grocery store, Knorr’s mother had a heart attack and died in her arms. This led to an early marriage at the age of 16. Her marriage ended when Knorr shot her husband in the chest, to which she later claimed self-defense.

After his murder, Knorr went on to have four more children with her new husband. According to records, she became increasingly jealous of her daughters because they were young, and she was beginning to age. Knorr began to focus all her abuse on her daughters, while encouraging her sons to do the same. They were beaten often, restrained by their brothers and forced into prostitution.

Although her daughter Suesan was murdered in 1984, her initial injury was sustained in 1983, when Knorr shot her in the chest. Knorr had intended for this to kill Suesan, but after being left in a bathtub for weeks she was later nursed back to health. Knorr later agreed to allow Suesan to leave the house, but only under the condition that Knorr would be allowed to remove the bullet from her back. The removal took place on the kitchen floor with dirty tools, and so, Suesan’s wounds became infected. Knorr left her on the kitchen floor and allowed her other children, who were convinced that Suesan was possessed by the devil, to simply step over her. They later burned her alive in the woods. Knorr’s last victim, Sheila Knorr, was left in a cupboard because Knorr believed Sheila gave her an STD via the toilet seat.

Knorr and her sons were arrested in 1993. They were arrested when Terry, her last daughter, contacted the police after watching America’s Most Wanted. On November 15, 1993 Knorr was charged with the murders of her daughters. Knorr was sentenced to two consecutive life sentences on October 17, 1995. She is eligible for parole in 2027.

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Victims of Theresa Cross Knorr

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Theresa Cross Knorr has been convicted for murdering two of her children and is suspected of murdering her first husband.  We currently have information on all of her known and suspected victims. Clifford Sanders Clifford was murdered on July 6, 1964. He was shot in the chest. Suesan Knorr Suesan…

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