Thug Behram

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125+MaleAsianIndiaTerritorialGroup Cause1765 (abt)1840

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Thug Behram was born in 1765 in India. There is no information about his childhood, but it is known that he was part of the Thugee cult in India.

It is believed that Behram's murder series began in 1790, at the age of 25, and ended between 1830 and 1840. All of his victims were strangled to death with a ceremonial cloth, otherwise known as a rumal or handkerchief. Behram's rumal had a large medallion sewn into it. The medallion would be made to land on the adam's apple of his victims while he strangled them. Behram claimed that he had been present at 931 murders and that he may have strangled 125 men on his own. The Thugee cult was comprised of between 25 and 50 men. This cult would typically murder large groups of people at one time and then take all of their possessions.

Behram did not have a trial for the murders he claimed to have committed. He is thought to be the world's most prolific serial killers.

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Victims of Thug Behram

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Thug Behram claimed to have been present at the murders of nine hundred and thirty-one people that were committed by twenty-five to fifty men. He also stated that he may have strangled one hundred and twenty-five on his own. He never stood trial for these murders. We do not currently…

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