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Deadly Women: Beyond Suspicion (Episode 4x8)

Tillie Klimek was born in 1876. She was a Polish American woman living in Chicago.

Klimek’s murder series began in 1914, with the murder of her first husband, John Mitkiewicz, at the age of 38, and ended in 1923. She not only murdered her husbands, but also neighbors and dogs that irritated her. All of the people that she is known for murdering and suspected of murdering were poisoned with arsenic. According to records, Klimek claimed that she had precognitive dreams about when other people would die, but in reality she would make them die by a certain date.

In 1921, Kilmek was arrested once her new husband became ill and the police suspected her of poisoning him. All of her 3 other husbands bodies were exhumed and it was found that arsenic poisoning was the most probable cause of death. It was also found that some of her relatives and neighbors had died of the same causes. In March of 1923, Kilmek was found guilty for the murder of her third husband and was sentenced to life in prison. She died while serving her sentence in November 20, 1936. 

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Victims of Tillie Klimek

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Tillie Klimek was found guilty for one murder in Chicago, but is suspected in murdering thirteen others. We currently have information on her known victims and two of her suspected  victims. John Mitkiewicz John was murdered in 1914. His death had been ruled as heart trouble. Joseph Ruskowski Joseph was…

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