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The Butcher, Tommy KarateUp to 60MaleCaucasianUSANomadicCriminal Enterprise, Sadistic1954/02/12 (Brooklyn, New York, USA)n/a


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Timmy Pitera was born on December 2, 1954, in New York City.

Due to bullies in the Brooklyn Gravesend neighborhood, Pitera began to learn martial arts at a young age. He began to take his marital arts training so seriously that he moved to Japan to study and did not return to the United States until 1974.

It was upon his return that Pitera began to perform favors for the Bonanno family, a well known gang in New York. Although most of his known murders were gang related, some murders were committed by Pitera on a personal basis. In combination with the murders that Pitera committed, he was also selling large amounts of cocaine, heroin, marijuana, automatic weapons, swords and knives. It is believed that Pitera began his serial series in 1988, with the murder of Wilfred Johnson. Most victims were cut by Pitera and died due to their wounds or from blood loss. Guns were used by Pitera for other murders. His victims were dismembered and then buried in damp soil, as he believed that this would speed up the decomposition. He believed that burying his victims would make it so that police dogs would not pick up a scent from the decomposing bodies. Pitera usually put the body parts in suitcases or wrapped the remains in plastic.

There were many people who were working for the Bonanno family that partook in murders and were not considered to be serial killers. Pitera, however, would keep some totems, usually jewelry, from his murders. This showed that Pitera had a personal connection to his victims and wanted to remember their murders. Pitera also had many books on dissection, torture and assassination techniques.

On June 4, 1990 Pitera was arrested for the murders of 7 people and indicted for 12 other offences. During the trial a fellow crew member, Frank Gangi, testified against Pitera, causing many of his victims to be revealed. Pitera was convicted for the murders of 6 people and for supervising a large drug operation on June 25, 1992. He was sentenced to life in prison.

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Tommy Pitera was charged for the murder of six people, but is thought to have been involved the murders of approximately sixty people. We currently have information on three of his known victims and one of his suspected victims. Wilfred Johnson (Willie Boy) Wilfred was allegedly murdered by Pitera. Marek…

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