Vasili Komaroff

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The Wolf of Moscow, Man - Machine, Shabolovskaya Killer, Vailiy Komarov33+MaleCaucasianRussiaTerritorialCriminal Enterprise1977 (abt)1923/06/18 (firing squad)

Vasili Komaroff was born in 1877 or 1878 in Russia. He had five other brothers in his family. It is believed that his parents were both alcoholics and would abuse the children.

At a young age Komaroff enlisted in the Russian army for 4 years. He spent all of the money that he earned in the army while traveling the world. At the age of 40 he was arrested for robbing a store. It is believed that he was very abusive towards his second wife and two children.

It is believed that Komaroff began his murder series in February of 1921, at the age of 44 or 45, and continue until 1923. The victims were primarily male, but he was known to murder women as well. The victims were middle-aged, old enough to be carrying money. The main goal from these murders was economic, he wanted to steal the belongings of his victims. Komaroff would usually lure in his victims by offering them alcohol and to go visit his horse stable. His victims were murdered with a hammer, and then beaten to death, or with a rope and strangled to death. The remains of the victims were put into burlap sacks and hidden in the trash, buried or hidden in abandoned homes.

During the murder series his wife, Sophia, discovered what was happening and instead of reporting the crimes to to police, she began to help her husband dispose of the bodies.

Although the primary reason for the reason was to steal belongings, Komaroff also confessed that he believed people were greedy and deserved to die more so that the soldiers who were fighting wars. Psychiatrists believed that this was the reason for the murders, not for monetary gain.

On March 18, 1923 Komaroff was arrested and confessed to murdering 33 people. Despite his attempts to commit suicide, Komaroff was tried, found guilty and sentenced to death by firing squad. Both Komaroff and his wife were executed on June 18, 1923. Their children were sent to orphanages.

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Victims of Vasili Komaroff

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Vasili Komaroff was charged for murdering over 33 people. Currently, we do not have information on any of his victims.

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