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Deadly Women: Obsession (Episode 1x01)

Vera Renczi was born in 1925, in Romania. According to records Renczi was very rebellious and was known to have run away with many males after the age of 15.

All of Renczi’s victims were males that she was related to or had sexual relations with. They had all been poisoned to death after Renczi put arsenic on their food. After their murders, Renczi would place their corpses into zinc-lined coffins. It is believed that most of the males were murdered after Renczi felt that they had been unfaithful. Renczi later told police that she would often sit in her wine cellar to be surrounded by all the coffins, which were filled with her dead lovers.

Upon her arrest Renczi was charged for murdering 35 people. She was found guilty and sentenced to life in prison.

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Victims of Vera Renczi

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Vera Renczi was charged for murdering thirty-five people in Romania. We currently have information on one of her victims. Lorenzo Renczi Lorenzo was Renczi’s son. He had been poisoned with arsenic.

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