Virginia Jaspers

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3FemaleCaucasianUSAStationaryPersonal Cause1924 (New Haven, Connecticut, USA)2004/04


Lilacs in the Rain: The Shocking Story of Connecticut's Shaken-Baby Serial KillerJames PeinkoferAmazon

Virginia Jaspers was born in 1924, in New Haven, Connecticut. She was born the eldest in her family. In her childhood, she was known to have choked and shaken a small boy who had been teasing her. In September of 1942, Jaspers began her nursing program in the St. Agnes program. She did not have a criminal record prior to her murder series.

Jaspers began her murder series in 1948, at the age of 24. All of her victims were children between the ages of 11 days and 1 month old. They had all been shaken violently prior to their deaths. During her murder series, Jaspers was also known to have injured other children that she babysat including breaking the femur of a 3 week old, breaking the leg of a young child and shaking a chid until he had brain damage. All of the victims were left at the scene of the crime.

In August of 1956, Jaspers was arrested for the murder of an 11 day old. She confessed to the other murders and to causing the injuries of other babies. Jaspers claimed that she was uncontrollable and that children annoyed her. She was found guilty and sentenced to 10 to 20 years in prison. It is not known when Jaspers was released for prison. In April of 2004, Jaspers died of natural causes.

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Virginia Jaspers was found guilty for the murder of three victims. We currently have information on all of her known murder victims. Cynthia Hubbard  Cynthia was murdered on June 24, 1948. She had been shaken to death, but the autopsy claimed that she died from a weak brain. Jennifer Malkan…

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