William Bonin

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The Freeway KillerConvicted of 21; Suspected in 15 moreMaleCaucasianUSATerritorialSexual, Sadistic1947/01/08 (Willmantic, Connecticut, USA)1996/02/23 (Lethal injection)


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William George Bonin was born on January 8, 1947 in Connecticut. He was born the oldest child of two in his family.

Bonin was neglected and abused from a young age by his parents and grandfather. He served time in juvenile hall at the age of 8 for stealing license plates and was sexually abused by many others who were in juvenile hall.

Prior to his serial series Bonin had been arrested for sexually assaulting young boys. He had been arrested in August 1975 for rape and attempted strangulation and spent 3 years in prison. After being released from prison is when his serial series began. Bonin began his serial series at 32. All of his victims were young males who were hitchhiking. He would typically strangle his victims to death after raping them.

Bonin was arrested on June 11, 1980 for the attempted rape and intent to kill Harold T. He was charged with 14 counts of murder on July 29, 1980. On March 12, 1983 Bonin was sentenced to death for the 10 murders in Los Angeles County and received a second death sentence in Orange County for the remaining 4 murders. Bonin was executed by lethal injection on February 23, 1996.

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Victims of William Bonin

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William Bonin was charged with the murders of fourteen people, but is thought to be involved in at least 30 murders. We currently have information on fourteen of his victims. Marcus Grabs Marcus, age 17, was murdered on August 5, 1979. Donald Hyden 15 year old Donald was murdered on…

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